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I am a software engineer who likes to spend my time creating problem-solving applications. My goal is to be an asset to your business and assist those with the American Dream in making that dream a reality...

To make your dreams a reality!

As I am growing my skills in such areas as styling web pages, user experiences as well as secure payment processing system, allow me the opportunity to share your idea, your brand, You to the world!

I have the entrepreneurial heart myself. I graduated from an entrepreneurship program called Joseph Business School in Chicago. My business will help organizations to connect with their members.

My computer science journey began because while looking for funding for my business, I was challenged to create such a social network platform myself. As I continue to grow in my business, my learning and my journey let me help you grow in yours as well!!!

Amazon Clone

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Log In/Sign In Page
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Navigation Bar Header w/ Background Image
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Product Gallery Display
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Responsive Product Grid
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Order Summary
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Check Out Page w/ Fake Address!
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Secure Payment System w/ Fake info

Do you have the craving for online shopping

Start your online store today!

Complete with secure login and cookie session to remember your visitors

Users can select items to add to basket, check out items

Securely Payment Process created with Stripe innovation

Test payment using numbers: "42" repeatedly.

Please DO NOT put in Your Real Credit Card Information

Thank You!

TruOrgUnity Beta

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Log In/Sign In Page
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Organization Index
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Create Organization Page
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Organization Show Page
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Show Contact Info, Members and Posts
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View Individual Profile Pages

TruOrgUnity is the Industry Disrupter in online social platform.

A place where organization can learn more about the people in their organization.

A place to Truly belong.

Able to create a web application with User login and account

Securely collect information from those that visit your website

Allow for a user experience where they can save information and visit back

User will have the ability to create accounts, view other user's account and connect...

On Your Web Application!

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Software Engineer

Joshua Singleton

Software Engineer

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Do you have a business that needs a web page or application?

Are you ready for your family, friend and the world. No!

... the universe to see you soar?

Are you ready to launch...your website?

Contact us today and let us work together to make your dream a reality

We have a group of people ready to work on your project

... well, it is not a big group of people

Listen, we have more than enough people

and they are well than able to see your vision realized

Do not fear... The Force will be with you. Always

It's time to take your idea to INFINITY AND BEYOND...

Live long, and prosper.

Don't tell me Sky's the limit when there's footprints on the moon...

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